Just Checking In

Hey guys, I just wanted to see how it’s been. Well I guess it’s time for a real post for once, so here we go!

I’ll start off by just saying a lot of stuff has happened since graduation. I made a whole bunch of friends at my highschool, St. Francis; I’m still playing trumpet (I joined the band at my school which isn’t really big). And guess what? I finally got a girlfriend and no , it’s not the girl I used to talk about (but she is at my school though).

I’m not trying to be arogant, but there is a lot of girls who I heard are crusing on me. Some of them are pretty cute, but then there is a few who are not that good looking.

Highschool is pretty fun, more so than I thought it would be actually. Well I guess that’s the end of today’s post. Quote of the day is,

“Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone. Because often times, the ones who fly solo have the strongest wings” -Unknown

Song of The Day is Unknown Solider by Breaking Benjamin


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