Desecration of the American Flag

I’m not one who gets all worked up about politics and stuff, but when someone burns an American flag in front of a veteran, it boils my blood. That guy was lucky that he had the police protecting him or it could have gotten worse. What irratates me even more, is at 1:23 you can hear a student in a U.S. Army uniform yelling at Ben Haas (student trying to burn the flag), MY BROTHERS  DIED FOR YOU! MY BROTHERS DIED FOR YOU! If people like him don’t like America and think that our verterans are murders, then I’d like to see them go over to Iran, Iraq, or Afganistan and let them see the horrors of war. Them maybe they’ll shut up. The Part I love most about this video is when the crowd is chanting USA! USA! USA! And when they’re chanting, GO TO HELL HIPPIE, F*** YOU!!!


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