Cage Match Winner

Last week’s cage match winner is (drumroll), Three Days Grace. Of all of the four votes, there was one for Sick Puppies. Today’s song of the day is. Animal I have become by Three Days Grace. Okay, I know yo may think this description is kinda dark, but it kinda desribes me, but not enirely. So here it goes,

At school, I’m always a nice guy, funny, and all my friends like me. But I’m sure that the fact that they don’t know or at least understand what comes in my mind when I’m angry, that’s what helps them like me.
When I play games like AC or COD, I think of myself as a badass, being able to kill an whole army without even being touched. I’m able to chop and slice and dice any man or zed that comes in my way . That’s actually normal, but when I’m actually angry at someone, worse…. I imagine my self doing what is do to people who deserve it… to the ones I love. Sometimes I see myself not as the nice and funny guy I am, but something else……. A MONSTER. I don’t have big, 6inch long sword like claws or big razor sharp teeth, but I’m insane. I could be capable to hurt those who deserve it, but when I’m mad.


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