It’s time for a cage match. What is a cage match some of you might ask? What a cage match basically is, is a vote in which you vote between a song and/or a band and who ever wins proccedes onto the next match. Today’s cage match is You’re Going Down by Sick Puppies or You’re Goin’ Down by Three Days Grace. Before you get all click happy and vote for one or the other just because it’s your favorite band, listen to the songs! Winners will be posted next week.


A Special Treat

Today I have a special for my teacher, Mr. Skonecki. I know he’ll love today’s blog post because he used to listen to this genre of music at some point in his life. All I have to say is, just wait for it. Just the look on the little girl’s face at, 1:20 when she looks at her brother is like saying, “I don’t know about that”. (Ends 1:47)

Acoustic Guitar Updates/ Project: Appleseed

Acoustic Guitar Updates

Hey guys, how’s it going? My weekend was fun. Especially because I got my acoustic guitar!!! I’m surprised I got it at the price that I did. I got it off of craigslist for twenty bucks! After some research (google shopping), I figured out the guitar alone was seventy dollars! I bought that, a case for the guitar, and two extra sets of replacement strings FOR ONLY TWENT DOLLARS!!! So yeah, it’s my new baby. It’s a First Act MG394. The specifications are,

This parlor-sized guitar is perfect for players with a smaller build. A spruce top with select hardwood back and sides offers well-balanced tone. The neck is hardwood, with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard and dot inlays. The classic shape and tapered body create a full acoustic sound. With steel strings and a satin finish. Picks, a nylon strap, and our Learn and Play Guitar book are included so beginning musicians can get started right away.

Model # MG394


  • Parlor size fits players with smaller build
  • Well-blanced tone
  • Hardwood, steel-reinforced neck
  • First Act designed rosewood bridge
  • Includes strap, picks, Learn & Play book

Project: Appleseed

So yesterday I got to shoot guns. I shot some .22’s, I know this may not seem like much, but it was nonetheless fun. I was at the shooting range for the equivalent of a whole school day, learning different positions of shooting, USMC rifleman techniques, and how to make a rifle safe. I learned that you’re supposed to shoot during your respiratory pause (when you exhale). Next week I’ll try to see if I can upload some pictures of my guitar and the shooting.

And I almost forgot, the song of the day! I’ve been forgetting to do these recently. Today’s song of the day is, Be Somebody by Thousand Foot Krutch. I don’t know why, but this song is now stuck in my head, but nonetheless, it’s an amazing song!

Getting An Acoustic Guitar

Hey guys, good news, I might be getting an acoustic guitar! For those of you who think it’s not a big deal, for you that may be the case, but for me, IT’S A BIG DEAL! I’ve been wanting one to play some songs such as, Last To Know, Gone Forever, Never Too Late, etc. All of which are by Three Days Grace, and before you start thinking, “Man this guy is obsessed with that band”, I’m not. I have other bands that I listen to like, Skillet, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, etc. I just post a lot about Three Days Grace because I love their music and they will always be my favorite band. Why might you ask? Because they’ve helped me get through hard times and┬ástressful days.

Now I’m getting off track, but back to the original topic, my possibility of getting a guitar. I’ve been wanting one ever since I heard the song, Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. I wanted to learn how to play it the moment I heard the song. Another reason for me wanting to get a guitar is, (I know this might sound cheesy, but just bare with me) I kinda wanted to impress this girl I like by playing a song called, Lost In You. I know it kinda sounds cheesy, but what the heck, I might as well give it a shot. The song I had in mind was, Lost In You by Three Days Grace. I personally think that the acoustic version is better than the original version. I know some of you reading this know who that girl is. Don’t spill the beans, it gets irritating when people tease you about whom you like. Anyways, comment which version you like better, the acoustic or the original. By the way, the intro to the video for the acoustic version is amazing. ­čÖé


Hey guys remember how I was dying to get this album? WELL I FINALLY GOT IT! As you can most likely guess, I got this as an Easter gift. I will list the songs below at the end of this post. My three personal favorite songs are, Fallen Angel, Painkiller, and Tell Me Why. I have nothing else to say because I’m probably listening to my music.

1. Tell Me Why

2. I Am Machine

3. Human Race

4. Fallen Angel

5. Car Crash

6. Painkiller

7. The Real You

8. So What

9. Nothing’s Fair In Love And War

10. One Too Many

11. Landmine

12. The End Is Not The Answer

13. Every Other Weekend


THE HUMAN ALBUM FROM THREE DAYS GRACE IS OUT AND IT’S AMAZING!!! The best part about the new album is that it isn’t as generic as it seemed it would be. It actually turned out AMAZING!! My favorite song from the album is, Fallen Angle (9:06) and Tell Me Why (17:20). Don’t ask me how I got this *wink wink*, but I got it. Don’t ask anymore questions just listen to the song.