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Okay so i’m just going to jump in and write a story based on what happened yesterday. The general stood looking at his troops wondering how it had happened. His forces with the support of Donavon’s took asia swiftly and then europe America was a fight but they held it. Africa And south America General Stiffimburg Held them so we Blocked it off to finish off meo and gary and then stiff i’m burg like a carrion bird swooped in when all were weary from battle and turned the battle field into a feasting ground for his undead onslaught. He took Africa Europe and Austrailia from Me and Donavon I held America for as long as I could but it was to late. I took my men and fled into Donavon’s land we are preparing to Hold Japonica His capitol as asia Fell but he left a clear line of un guard land leading to Austrailia and we are going to charge to reclaim my land.

“This is it men! We can not allow Robot kind and Mankind to fall with out a fight to this Zombie Horde. Today we go Out but we go out with a Bang That echos through out time and Space A bang so loud that we make Human Physic Insane and Undead Physic more insane.”

The robots charged and so did the humans all the way across Asia in to Australia when Alejandro Got to his capital he heard the Transmission Asia had fallen just then the Zombie horde arrived Jandro Died in his capital Clutching 2 pistols on the Imperial Insignia one with the Robo Insignia

Sorry for the rush but my blog m, Messed up so I had to use my friends.


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