Pancake Breakfast fundraiser

Hey guys, as you can tell by the title of the post, this gonna have to do with pancakes. So this past weekend, my Young Marines hosted a pancake breakfast fundraiser. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise money for our national encampment to Florida this summer. We were all assigned jobs some people had to serve food, some had to buss tables (which basically meant they had to go around asking people if they wanted more food because it was an all-you-can-eat type of thing), others had to serve coffee, and there was the kids who got stuck with KP duty (cleaning dishes and what not). Guess what got? KP duty. At first it was ok…. then the dishes started to come in faster.

I have never washed some many dishes in such a little amount of time in my life! You guys might not think it’s that bad or I’m whining to much, WELL I’m NOT!!! You try to stand for two hours doing nothing but washing and drying dirty dishes only to get more poured in while you’re still washing. It was kinda fun washing the dishes though, cause there was this hose thing (which we are all tempted to spray each other with) which was like the best part of washing dishes, because if we got a dirty dish with something stuck on it that we couldn’t get off, we’d just hose it off. After awhile, my hands started to smell like chlorine, this is because the cleaning process had to do with bleach. Here’s the order of the cleaning process (from right to left), the hose thing, a sink full of water with dish soap, then two sinks full of water and bleach to dip them in, and then finally came the drying part.  Luckily, I was swapped out with some other kids and was moved to serving food. All I had to do was ask people if they wanted toast, which turned out ok, but at the end of the day, my legs were extremely sore. All in all, it was a good day, I had fun, and I got free food.


Am I to overprotective and do I have to much empathy?

Hey guys, I have a question for you. You’re probably gonna have to answer this question at the end of the post, but do you think I am to overprotective and do I have to much empathy? I know this might seem like a dumb question, but I really need your opinion on this. I honestly think I inherited this from my father. fir instance, my dad can’t stand it when  he finds out children or disabled people are being mistreated, he snaps on whoever is mistreating the person. And then there is me, whenever I get really close to someone, I would give up my life to protect them or to take a beating for them.  And the “too much empathy” part, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. For instance, whenever I find out if someone is getting bullied and I know who the bully is (here’s where my overprotective instinct kicks in), I become enraged and want to stick up for that person whether it be a helpless kid or a family member and want to go beat up the bully. But then if do complete this task of standing up to a bully, I then later feel bad for beating the bully up and regret it. Do you think this is a bad, and if it’s not,  do I have too much? Do I not have enough? Leave your answer that the comments. Song of the day is,


Jandros blog

Okay so i’m just going to jump in and write a story based on what happened yesterday. The general stood looking at his troops wondering how it had happened. His forces with the support of Donavon’s took asia swiftly and then europe America was a fight but they held it. Africa And south America General Stiffimburg Held them so we Blocked it off to finish off meo and gary and then stiff i’m burg like a carrion bird swooped in when all were weary from battle and turned the battle field into a feasting ground for his undead onslaught. He took Africa Europe and Austrailia from Me and Donavon I held America for as long as I could but it was to late. I took my men and fled into Donavon’s land we are preparing to Hold Japonica His capitol as asia Fell but he left a clear line of un guard land leading to Austrailia and we are going to charge to reclaim my land.

“This is it men! We can not allow Robot kind and Mankind to fall with out a fight to this Zombie Horde. Today we go Out but we go out with a Bang That echos through out time and Space A bang so loud that we make Human Physic Insane and Undead Physic more insane.”

The robots charged and so did the humans all the way across Asia in to Australia when Alejandro Got to his capital he heard the Transmission Asia had fallen just then the Zombie horde arrived Jandro Died in his capital Clutching 2 pistols on the Imperial Insignia one with the Robo Insignia

Sorry for the rush but my blog m, Messed up so I had to use my friends.


THREE DAYS GRACE JUST UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO FOR THEIR NEW SONG!!!! Ok. Ok. I need to stop geeking out so I can tell you guys about it. Anyways, they JUST uploaded it Sunday. Some 3DG fans are kinda outraged because they think the new singer sucks. I honestly can care less about what the think, because as long as 3DG is making songs, I’m happy. Anyways, this is the third song that was reveled of of their new album, Human. The two other songs are, I Am Machine and Painkiller.

Combative Anatomy: Using a knife for self defense

Exigent Circumstances

After writing the post about how to fight a dog, I got to thinking about how little information is freely available about using weapons in self defense against humans. Many people carry a pocket knife daily (I’ve carried one every day since I was nine years old), many of them with thoughts of using it as a defensive weapon if they needed to. But almost no one gives the actual how to use it part more than a passing thought. This is some basic information on how to use a knife as a defensive weapon.

Before I get started I need to get something out of the way.

  1. Using a knife against another human is considered use of deadly force (even showing a knife is a crime in most places if it is not a clear cut case of self defense). If you would not be justified in shooting and killing…

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Story Streaming Stealer

Jaws Of Life

Somebody gave me credit on their blog post on Story Streaming, but totally stole it. Yes I should’ve put a paten on it, but sadly I’m not eighteen or older. She did a good job on it, but she didn’t do it my style, this is how you do it.

I raised my hand thinking I hand the right answer but the teacher said:

Then I saw the biggest ride in the world and was like:

I had an 81 DeLoreon and I was like:

Some one was holding a Airsoft gun to my head, and I was like:

I was playing COD and blew some one up and was like:

Then a girl walked up to me and she was like:

That’s how you story stream, Remember this is how we would all do it:

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Never Too Late

Alright, the Song Of The Day today is Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. It is a very deep and sweet song. It sends a wonderful message to both the mind and heart. It taught me that if you know somebody who wants to end it, speak up. Don’t be afraid to talk them out of it. You can turn it all around. You can make their life better. You can be the sunshine in their cloudy day. Don’t ever think it’s too late to stop them, because it’s not too late, it’s never too late.


I finally figured out something to keep this blog going. So this is the plan so far, I will post the song and/or band of the day and I will also post a random fact of the day. Song of the day, Second Chance by Shinedown, and the random fact will be posted below.