IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! The new album by Three Days Grace has been announced, Human which comes out March 31st 2015!

It’s now available for pre-order at: HERE

and at Amazon

The two known songs that are on the new album are Painkiller and I Am Machine. The trailer for the new album was posted on you tube just THREE DAYS AGO!!! I found the video so I guess I will post the video here. And if listen closely, you’ll hear that there is a sneak peak of a new song.


Rise Against

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t wrote a blog post in a while (I have but we all know that they were not that decent). ┬áToday I shall bring the spark of my old masterpieces back to life. Today I’ll share with you a band that got a place in my favorite top ten (I really don’t know where it is in that list to be honest). As you can most likely tell by the title, the name of the band is, Rise Against. I don’t really know much about Rise Against like I do with Three Days Grace or Nirvana, but the one thing that I do know about them is basically that they’re at great band. My favorite two song by Rise Against I guess would be, Savior and Prayer of The Refugee.

New Header Picture

Hey guys, I was thinking of changing the zombie picture of pikachu to something else. So I guess that since I can’t decide which one to choose, you guys will vote on one.