Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, currently fronted by vocalist and guitarist Benjamin Burnley. The band released four studio albums, Saturate in 2002, We Are Not Alone in 2004, Phobia in 2006, and Dear Agony in 2009, selling over five million albums in the United States.

In mid-2010, the band entered a hiatus due to Burnley’s recurring illnesses and inability to tour. Further complications arose in August 2011 whenMark Klepaski and Aaron Fink were fired from the band. After the legal issues regarding their dismissal cleared up in April 2013, Burnley announced he had retained the right to use the band’s name, and would be pressing forward without any of the prior members. The new lineup wasn’t revealed until August 2014, revealing that in addition to Burnley remaining the lead vocalist, the band consisted of Jasen Rauch and Keith Wallen on guitars, Aaron Bruch on bass, and Shaun Foist on drums.

Source: Wikipeadea

I Will Not Bow

Blow Me Away


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