Appleseed Shooting Event

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted for a few days now and guess what I got to do over the weekend? I got to shoot a .22 caliber long rifle for marksmanship training in Young Marines; anyways, I had a great time due to the fact that it had to do with guns. Some of my friends and I had gotten some burns from the ejected shell casings because we were tightly packed together. And me being the only lefty, I had to go to the end. After a while it started to rain, it didn’t bother me much. The only part that did bum me out was, my uniform had gotten soaked and I have to get through the wash by wednesday and the wash at my house is SLOW. Ok, now back to the shooting, on one of my targets, I had gotten three bulls-eyes. My brother and I had a bet, whoever shot the best had to do the other person’s chore for a week. He lost and apparently crossed his fingers when we shook hands.


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