Ok so a few months ago my sister had given me a gerbil because her gerbils had babies. The one she me likes to chew ALOT. I know gerbils are rodents and rodents need to constantly chew on stuff because their teeth constantly keep growing, but she just would not stop chewing! After a while of chewing her cage, she had escape a few times, and I had caught her. But most recently, she escape again because one of my brothers had put the lid for her cage on the wrong way and she escaped somehow. Anyways, I have not seen for aleast 3 WEEKS. Wish me luck in trying to find her. 😛


2 thoughts on “MY GERBIL HAS ESCAPED!!!!!

  1. Sole survivor gerbil journal entry one: I’m camping in the vents. It’s cold, dark, and I am planning to make a second trip to the kitchen tomorrow, wish me luck. If you find this journal, tell my wife that I love her.

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